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Dr. Christian Oien

"My back was hurting.  I had tried shots and pain pills.  I could not walk long distances.  The treatments have helped me get rid of the pain in my back - no more pills!  My outlook on life in general has improved and I can move around easier."  (Mary J. - Watertown)

"When I first visited Dr. Oien, he did a rolling thermal scan and showed me my "hot spots" even before I told him where my sore spots were.  He explained how he would be able to help those areas become aligned so the muscles wouldn't have to overcompensate and be inflamed.  After a series of regular visits, my vertebrae and hip joints were in alignment and the once-a-month "tune up" keep them that way.  I realized one day that I'm able to reach under the desk for a dropped pencil without getting a "kink".  I don't wake up in the morning having slept wrong and hope it will work itself out with stretching and a hot shower.  I walk better and straighter because my hips, back and neck are all in alignment and work well together."  (Linda K. - Watertown)

"Before chiropractic care, I had pain in my neck and mid to lower back.  For the first time, I can wake up in the morning and not have to stretch to loosen up my back.  I feel 100 times better when I start my day!  My overall flexibility has improved greatly.  As an avid golfer, my swing feels better and my scores have improved!"  (Mike H. - Watertown)

"Karlie was motion sick whenever she was in a moving vehicle.  She did not sleep through the night.  Now we can travel!  She sleeps through the night.  Overall she has a much better attitude."  (Sheila B. - Florence)

"I suffer with chronic migraines, shoulder and neck pain.  It was consistently 2-3 times per month.  I was also on numerous medications and often had to get trigger point injections for pain.  My headaches are down 80% - my daily nagging headaches are completely gone and my migraines have gone from 2-3 times a month to one every 4-6 weeks.  I am completely off my daily migraine medications (these were strong prescription meds).  While I realize nothing will cure my headaches completely, my quality of life has improved drastically."  (Vicki J. - Clear Lake)

"I have been to many doctors and no one could help me with my shoulder pain until I got adjusted by Dr. Oien."  (Gary K. - Watertown)

"I believe chiropractic care on a regular basis is an essential part of general health. Dr. Oien is a caring professional who can provide this type of care."  (Dan P. - Clear Lake)

"I haven't felt this good in months. I've even been sleeping better than I have in a long time."  (Dennis B. - Watertown)


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